Friday, July 6, 2007

Gene Autry Die Cast Gun & Holster Set

Set of Gene Autry Toy Cap guns in original holster, the grips are molded in a horse's head and above the trigger are the words - "Gene Autry"

Childs play you would imagine, until you take a peak at the current bidding at over $300.
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  1. Gotta love them toy collectors. Spending 300$ on cap-guns is more than I'd dare imagine. And I've got quite an imagination you know.

    Great -if weird- find there Elderly!

  2. (elderly enters wearing a ballet outfit and sporting a tinfoil hat...)

    weird? you think?

  3. No, no, of course not. Traditional I meant to say...

  4. Excellent find Elderly! (and if I may say so, a very fetching outfit...)

    But you're not THAT Elderly are you? my Dad was a fan of the singing cowboy, and he's 71!

    The oldest Western I can remember was the excellent Champion The Wonder Horse... LOL!

  5. it took me years of counselling to get used to the fact that cowboys and indians were actually adults and not children... so used was I to playing cowboys and indians as a kid, go figure....

  6. If you look closely at the artwork on that box, you will see that the guy on the horse about to overtake the wagon is Roy Rogers. That horse is a palimino. Champion was a Tennessee Walker. The photo looks to be from one of Roy's movies of the early Fifties.