Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spellcasting 101 Sorcerers Get All The Girls

Years before Harry Potter, there was an actually interesting and strictly (young) adult sorcerers college, crafted by the demented mind of Steve Meretzky the Great. The only way to explore it was via Legend's Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the Girls (MobyGames entry), a tongue-in-cheek text/graphical adventure featuring excellent writing, smart puzzles, innovative interface and some beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Also the only game to feature a selection between naughty and nice modes.

To grab yourselves a complete boxed PC version of the game have a look at this Spellcasting 101 Sorcerers Get All The Girls ebay auction. Seller ships worldwide and the starting bid is less than a pound.


  1. a pound? sweet jeezz we're given things away.....

  2. Weeeel , we are nice like that..

  3. nice?... but that's flies in the face of world domination.... and capitalism.....

    (elderly considers Gnomes cunning strategy....)


    ....excellent marketing ploy

  4. Yes? Yes, of course! Thank you.

  5. sheer brilliance, imagine i doubted you.. forgive me, sometimes i don't know what I am doing..... (flicks cigarette ash into tea cup....)