Sunday, April 29, 2007

The gaming world of Commodore 64

When Commodore released the now legendary C64 they simply couldn't have imagined it would turn out to be the single most popular computer model ever produced, selling well over 17 million units. Then again, many (probably 5 billion minus 17 million) have never even touched this classic 8-bit powerhouse, and thus never heard the astounding tunes the SID chip could reproduce.

Thankfully, they now have another chance. They can simply get themselves a complete (boxed, too) Commodore 64 with all the cables and the obligatory cassette player along with 31 original games straight from ebay. Among the games there are such gems as Paperboy, Spy Hunter, Little Computer People, The Way of the Exploding Fist and the rather obscure Yes, Prime Minister.

Seller ships worldwide and you'd better hurry.


  1. A game of Yes Prime Minister?

    I'm bidding as we speak...

  2. Guess I should get PayPal myself too... Is that what you are using Father?

  3. Indeed! paypal is so damned convenient, its almost soley responsible for my financia downfall....

  4. Sounds promising enough. Hope I'll get a free tent with signing up then...

  5. ...legendary.. bloody brilliant word.... sums it up..... (takes out tissue...)