Friday, April 20, 2007

Atari Lynx & 6 games

Ah, yes, the beloved Atari Lynx in its original king-sized shape. The first color handheld ever, the technological beast that easily overshadowed the Sega Game Gear and Atari's only attempt to enter the then-emerging handheld market. An amazing console with an excellent game library and a variety of unique features. My first games console. A complete and utter flop. Damn! Still, a piece of retro gaming paradise worth owning.

Anyway, you can learn more on the Atari Lynx here and browse through its games over at Atari Age. Heck, you can even get yourselves a Handy emulator for the thing, but to feel the very real, very physical sensation you'd better bid on an Atari Lynx with 6 games over at The seller ships worldwide and the games include Checkered Flag, APB and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Other titles you might have to consider picking up:


  1. DAMN! I was too late! It went for £21 all in! And it had Robotron 2084... *Sniff!*

  2. Don't worry Father, you'll sure find another one. BTW, have you searched your usual retro stashes?

  3. a robotron 2084... jeez how did we miss that.....

    (whispers to Gnome... )
    wassa robotron 2084?

  4. Is nice.

    Other than that it also is a classic shmup (playable with 2 joysticks on the arcade). Also a prequel to SmashTV and Total Carnage. Totally unrelated to pr0n...

  5. oh no pron connection.. perfection isn't everything though..

  6. You're absolutely right. Pr0n is.