Thursday, April 12, 2007

Saint Etienne Dreamcast Shirt!

Everyone wants to wear Dreamcast related clothes. But no one wants to be associated with Arsenal FC, who had Sega and Dreamcast as it's sponsors at the turn of the Millenium - making it the premiere source for Dreamcast related clothing. Its been a conundrum that has frustrated us all for years. Until now.

Because it seems that Gallic football team St. Etienne, not only share their name with a quirky English dance-pop band fronted by the lovely Sarah Cracknell, (who incidentally once did a blinding cover of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"), but they also had the good sense to use Sega's greatest cosoles name to adorn their shirts.

You can get one here. It does help however if you are a small child, have a small child to buy it for or are only 3ft tall like Gnome. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this nonsense. *Cough!*


  1. (passes FK a throat lozenge.....)

    a very small doll would work as well..... well not work exactly, but it might fit a very small doll... even better if you knew the very small dolls size.... or indeed how old the doll was... though you mightn't necesarily have to know the small dolls name.... though it would help if it was a birthday present for the very small doll... once you had ascertained the small dolls birthday.....

    or it's production date....

  2. Amazing find. Just amazing. Never knew such a gem existed. Oh, and gnome's only wear green footie shirts :)

    Dolls... Pah..