Thursday, April 12, 2007

16 Colecovision Games

You will of course need one Colecovison system, but once that minor hurdle has been overcome, this ebay Games lot includes such retro gaming delights as:

Qubert, Frogger Lock N'Chase, Armor Ambush, Astroblast, Space Fury, Donkey Kong, Venture, Zaxxon, Mouse Trap, Pepper 2.

16 Colecovision Games on
Seller ships to US only


  1. I would love this and my birthday is on May 16th. If anyone would like to buy me this or any other games consoles I would happily accept them. If your bid for this is unsuccessful try an Xbox 360 with a nice games package. Or a porsche. Or a villa in Ibiza. God I'm desparate...

  2. Wouldn't you rather have a nice cake?