Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ultima IV for C64

First released in 1985, the game is a rarity amongst RPGs in that the game's story does not center on asking a player to overcome an ultimate evil. Ultima IV is the first in the "Age of Enlightenment" trilogy, shifting the series from the hack and slash, dungeon crawl gameplay of its "Age of Darkness" predecessors towards an ethically-nuanced, story-driven approach.

Ultima IV lot contains:

2, Double-Sided Commodore 64 5 1/4" Diskettes in their Original Origin sleeves
1 Metal Anhk
1 Cloth Map
1 Original Ultima IV Product Box
1 "History of Britannia" Book (info about weapons, terrain, characters, armour, transportation, etc)
1 Book of Casting Spells
1 Origin Systems, Inc. Registration Card
1 Pamphlet about "The Way of the Avatar: An Ultima IV Clue Book"
1 Advertising Booklet of Other Origin Systems, Inc. Games
1 Pamphlet about "Quest for Clues" for game hints and solutions
1 Player Reference Card with Commands, Moon Phases, Language Decoder, etc.

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