Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Commodore 64 and 120 games

The Commodore 64 (a.k.a. C64 and CBM 64) is the most popular computer system ever sold and with good reason. It was affordable, powerful, upgradable, featured the amazing SID sound chip, had hundreds -nay, thousands- of games developed for it and an extensive porn library. The C64 was such a hit back in the day, some would say it still is popular enough to develop for.

For the few millions though that (for whatever reason) don't have access to such a wonder here's the solution: A C64 with 120 games @ Yes, 120 games. Ten dozen. And a joystick. 2 tape players too.

Seller ships to UK only and a C64 without games usually sells around 10£.


  1. I just a C64 controller with a bunch of games on it for $.50 at a salvation army-type store.

    It's probably not the same though...

    ...and the karate game is cheap.

  2. (brings the bucket. quickly)

    Caleb, the connect to TV joystick is runnng on a C64-on-a-chip and obviously is just a nice emulator. Oviously nothing to do with the real thing. And I sincerely hope you're not refering to IK, or we'll have to purge you...