Saturday, April 7, 2007

Atari 2600 Atlantis II

Many game companies in the 1980's held contests in an attempt to boost sales of their games and give their fans something fun to compete for. "Defend Atlantis" was one such competition, run by a company call Imagic.

Unfortunately for Imagic, there were a lot of good Atlantis players. In fact, more than a handful of individuals maxed out the score, so Imagic had to figure out a way to decide who the top four would be. They created a special contest version of Atlantis, which they called Atlantis II, that the top scorers would use for a tie-breaker. Atlantis II is basically the same as Atlantis, except that it's faster, harder, and lower scoring.

see Atari Age for full story

Low and behold one of these cartridges "appears" to have turned up on ebay, whether such a game warrants a $50,000 price tag, I'll leave up to you to decide

Atlantis II on ebay
for collection only in US


  1. Wow! Shockingly though nobody has attempted to pay the 50k $... Not yet at least...

  2. ..(puts away calculator......) yep surprising really....

  3. Staggering... the cute II in magic marker makes it look so authentic...

  4. i have 3 of these atlantis 2 games

  5. I have an atari 2600 AtlantisII cartridge. Pull out your wallet/purse and let's talk buiness. Minimum $5,000. This is Atari's 35th anniversity.

  6. You will get 5K easy if it's not a reproduction game probably a lot more. Repro go for about 150-300 but an original Atlantis 2 will fetch several thousand dollars.