Saturday, April 21, 2007

Keystone Kapers for Colecovision

Published in 1983 by Activision, the game was based on the silent films of the same name (ask your Grandad). The player (Officer Keystone Kelly) must catch Harry Hooligan before he can escape from the shopping mall. There is no end to the game; each level gets progressively harder, adding more and/or faster hazards until Kelly loses all of his lives.

Of course if you haven't got a Retro Colecovision console this entry is entirely academic.

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  1. Unfortunately Grandaad won't say a thing...

  2.'ve checked his breathing...?

  3. Ah! The Keystone Cops! I liked it when they all used to get dragged around by a car hanging onto each others trousers... It was cutting edge comedy when I was a boy...

  4. Of course not Elderly. The man 's buried, I wouldn't dare. I'm deathly scared of actual breathing zombies y'know...

    Gotta see them Keystone Cops then. Cutting edge you say...

  5. ...okay well now yes, I must say that is a very good reason... the keystone cops are the business, did all their own crazy stunts... mad they were...