Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Earthbound RPG for SNES

Tracy is modeling a divine silk evenin........ erm sorry...

Earthbound is an rpg released in Japan in 1994 as MOTHER 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushū (Gyiyg Strikes Back). The games simple graphics, compared to similar rpg's at the time, meant that releasing the game in the US was considered somewhat of a gamble. In an attempt to increase sales, the game extensively promoted within Nintendo Power, with various special offers, including a contest involving scratch-and-sniff stickers, as well as a Nintendo Power-published player's guide. Notably the game featured an oblique projection, while most RPGs at the time uses a top down view on a grid or an isometric perspective.

The game and the guide and the oblique projection have shown up on ebay...

Earthbound and Game Guide on ebay


  1. Never was a NES man, although I do have an emulator disc for the Dreamcast...

  2. Give it a try, have a look at them fantastic games (try Super Mario 3 for example) and you'll learn to love the NES. And Dr. Strangelove.