Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bonk3 Bonk's Big Adventures

Retro title for the Turbografx 16 or Turbo Duo systems. Bonk3 featured many new play schemes, including candies that made the player shrink and grow, and cooperative multiplayer. The story puts the player up against the Evil King Drool in the Dinosaur Kingdom. The Bonk of the title was a mascot for NEC Turbografx 16 console.

A Bonk3 Hucard* for the Turbografx 16 or Turbo Duo systems has appeared for sale on ebay and has attracted some rather frantic bidding, despite the game having a pending release on Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console.

Bonk 3 on ebay.com

The Bonk compendium

*A HuCard is a memory card with it's own integrated circuit developed by Hudson Soft


  1. Hey! The Bonk Hucard sounds a bit like "bonk you hard". A bit. Ish. sort of. Phnoarrrr Phnoarrr! ;)

  2. well it does now that you say it like that it does, but I was eating a cheese sandwich when i posted this so it sounded more like

    the bonk chew shard......

    wonder what it sound like with crisps...?