Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sega Master System and 80 games

Included is the Sega Master System console, the RF adapter, the AC Power Cord, 2 Sega Control Pads. Accessories include: 2 Sega Control Sticks, 3-D Glasses, 1 rapid fire unit

and the 80 games...?

take a look at this ebay Sega Master System lot


  1. Nice loot, but no golden axe warrior :(

  2. It's got Phantasy star with poster though...

    I remember playing Golden Axe Warrior...isn't that like Zelda?

    Can yuo still kick gnome thieves in Golden Axe Warriot because that is a pretty big selling point with me.

  3. Sorry Porroe not this time, no golden axe warrior,and Caleb im sure you well aware that since the UN treaty on mistreatment of Gnomes, kicking gnome thieves could result in gaming restrictions.... shame really

  4. shame.. erm!

    ..... that it took a UN treaty for people to realise that Gnomes are precious...

    (holds breath...)

  5. Kicking that particular Gnome is actually a big winning point with me as well... (Actually I guess it's a sprite as well...) *FK starts to look puzzled...*

  6. (still in deep shock)

    Well, at least the treaty was passed... Et tois Father?