Friday, May 18, 2007

Nintendo 64 DD Dev Kit

Let's say you -yes, you, oh wealthy reader- wanted to spend roughly 2000$ on ebay. What would you buy? A huge collection of vintage porn mags, a couple of Wii consoles with tons of games or a very rare Nintendo 64 DD development kit? Well, provided the Dev Kit is your thing (Bravo! Wise choice), here's the link to a unique Nintendo N64 DD Development Kit @ The seller ships worldwide, and you'll be bidding for the following interesting bits:

  • Japanese N64 (debugging unit) with a unique dome expansion cover.
  • N64DD expansion unit. (development unit)
  • Recordable N64DD Disk.
  • Flash cart
  • N64DD Development manual
More info on the Nintendo 64 DD can be found over at the utterly impressive Reviews of DD games here.


  1. exceptional, you hawk eyed woodland creature....

  2. thank you very much oh Elderly...

  3. I'd buy the porn, definitely. By the time I'd finished it I'd be so blind I would be unable to see a video game well enough to play it...

  4. Which, frankly, would be quite a money saver...