Friday, May 11, 2007

Sega Saturn with 14 Games including Nights

Beloved and underated 32 bit console, first released in the US and Europe in 1998. A bargain lot including this jewel in the retro gamers crown along with 14 games including Nights into Dreams, (aka Nights or Nid) and a light gun has just been upped on ebay. Although i'ts not clear why you'd want to shoot lights.

Sega Saturn, Games, Light Gun on

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  1. Damn!

    I would have bid on that if I had the extra cash lying around.


  2. Oh man the bidding on that is gonna get FIERCE! I am hoping Andyman will get the price without breaking the $80 mark.

    Good luck ebay gladiators!!!

    On a side note I saw the Huge flightstick/joystick for the Saturn at a shop the other day.

    On the 31th I am going to look that up.

  3. andyman is certainly keen, 33 bids and a day to go, damn he deserves it, he's been watching it like a hawk....

    ..that flightstick is worthy of video....

  4. Wow! thats a pretty good bundle there! I'd be sitting ready to whack on a last minute bid myself if I lived on the other side of the pond...

  5. Oh and thanks for the heads up Elderly...

  6. most welcome... im still working on the magic wand to render bargains like this invisible to mrs.FK... only a matter of time..