Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sega Saturn Modem and Keyboard

Online gaming is a standard feature of all current gen consoles. But way back in the mists of time (the mid Nineties) it was the saturn that was leading this innovative step forward on it's flagship console The Saturn. Released in Japan only, this Saturn modem and keyboard are as rare as rocking horse shit, and if it wouldn't get me into loads of trouble I'd buy them in a heartbeat. Marvel at its beauty here.

For more Saturn related nonsense, step through this virtual door to find the Saturn Junkyard...


  1. Wow! Saturnriffic!

    I wonder if you could actually surf the "web" with the Saturn?

  2. Father, that's an amazing find! Didn't know such a thingy existed... SEGA where quite the innovetive hardware developers, weren't they?

    Isn't so expensive, is it?

  3. ...FK you're going to have to setup an ebay affiliate..... that way the purchase of such a fine example of genius could be offset as cost neutral.... a winning argument in the family boardroom

  4. The Saturn Netlink was not Japan only. There was an American version, I just snagged one off ebay for $20 brand new unopened. Now the Keyboard and house are a lot harder to come by. The Netlink Modem comes with a webbrowser. There are five games that use the Seganetlink, in the US any way, and you don't play online. You direct dial eachothers Saturns and play virtually without lag.

  5. Now *that* is what I call feedback and some truly interesting info. Thanks and cheers!