Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gabriel Knight Mysteries Limited Edition

Yes, the ultra rare Sierra Gabriel Knight box set doesn't have to be that expensive. Actually, it shouldn't cost you more 15-20$ provided you try to grab it over from a certain Gabriel Knight Mysteries auction. Seller ships worldwide. Oh, and unfortunately some key parts of the box -such as the included novel- are missing. At least both games (Gabriel Knight & Gabriel Knight II) are included. Find out more about the games here.


  1. I have one of those games!!!!

    I gotta get the Dos Box program outta my older computer and try it out!


  2. And you haven't played it yet Caleb? Are you crazy? These are absolute classics, even though Gabriel 3 is by far the best of the series...

  3. ...(tiptoes away in shame...conscious he's never played Gabriel knight.....)

  4. (tip toes the ninja way and gives E a shiny GK3 box)

  5. a GK3 box!!! of my very own... to play with...? (gasp!!!!)... im going to cry..... (bites bottom lip... blood flows.....)..

    well just typ(blood spray)ical... thank you Gnome for such a p(blood spray)resent

    ... sorry bout that.... (cleans gnomes blood spatterd hat with a tissue....)

  6. (wipes blood away)

    (spits a bloody pit)

    Glad you liked it!