Monday, October 6, 2008

Sega Master System, 25 games & extras

Sega Master System Power Base SMS 1In contrasts to Brazil and Europe, the Sega Master System went largely unnoticed in the US, despite being a technically impressive 8-bit console with tons of great games. So, in an attempt to set things right, here's a fantastic US only Sega Master System eBay auction. The offer includes an original Sega Master System 1 system (the rarer and better version of the console), a joystick, a lightgun, two joypads and 25 boxed games including: Fantasy Zone, Spy vs. Spy, Alien Syndrome, After Burner and Rampage. The average SMS sells for 20-25$, so getting this lot for anything less than 55-65$ is a definite bargain. Oh, and this SMS buyer's guide might come in handy too.


  1. Quite. I was almost tempted y'know...

  2. Now does that joystick controller work best for certain games?

    I have one but it doesn't seem to work all that great.

    I fired up Rastan with it and it wasn't all that great. I would rather use the regular SMS controller.

  3. I really wouldn't know dear caleb, as I never had sych a joystick. I do know I'm not exactly in love with the standard SMS pad though...