Tuesday, October 21, 2008

eBay Rampage: Ultimate Play the Game

Ultimate Play the Game, Ultimate, was founded back in 1982 and was what the Stamper brothers were doing before focusing on turning Rare into the behemoth it now is. Ultimate also happened to be the most successful developer to ever grace the ZX Spectrum (and quite a few other 8-bit formats), producing what are widely considered the most technically accomplished games to hit the platform and what objectively are some of the most impressively boxed and expensive tapes 80s kids could get their hands on. Find out more here and/or here.

Alien 8 Ultimate Play the GameAlien 8 in all its boxed glory. Worldwide, ends 23 Oct. 2008.

UnderwurldeUnderwurlde for the Speccy. Worldwide, Buy it Now.

Atic Atac by UltimateAtic Atac Spectrum tape. UK only, ends 26 Oct. 2008.

NightshadeNightshade in all its beauty. Worldwide, Buy it Now.

Knight Lore BBC microKnight Lore for the BBC Micro. Worldwide, Buy it Now.

Tranz AmTranz Am ZX Spectrum. Worldwide, ends 26 Oct. 2008.


  1. I was 5 when this stuff came out...

    How exactly does the tapes in the back work..?

    OOoohhhh, the Ultimate Pen! It is awful pretty.

  2. http://img286.imageshack.us/img286/2451/gnome2nc.gif

    Gnome!! Aahh jeez, You just cant be doing that!!!

  3. I'll stop right away then! Sorry 'bout that. It was warm though...

    As for the tapes, well, what do you mean how they work oh artsy minded friend? They are magnetic storage mediums, they are...

  4. ahh okay, like the back-up tapes for servers then... Wasn't sure because these looked more like music tapes.

  5. Actually (shockingly even) these were exactly like music tapes and were loaded via a bog standard cassette player. Oh yes, those were the days of r:tape loading error :)