Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Spectrum Games Bible

Spectrum 48k keyboardIf you are anything like me, which I sincerely wish you not, you're probably aware of the twisted pleasure of discovering an unplayed retro game and experiencing the hidden gaming joys and gems of, well, the ZX Spectrum. Now, truth be said, you could just search eBay for Spectrum games and hope to be lucky or -and that's the way of the wise- go for the amazing collective work that is the Spectrum Games Bible. I did.

It's a series of books, you see, chronologically presenting hundreds of games with some truly well-written reviews directly from the huge community of Speccy lovers. The third book, covering the golden Spectrum years of 1987 and 1988, has just been released and sports over 350 reviews. Happily you can easily grab it (the first two too -hoho) here for a very reasonable price.


  1. I imagine you are getting all six when available..?

    Well good. I can just ask you if I need a review then. Any books I buy these days are all art related... Wish I could buy them all!

    So, how is that new site design coming along...? It will be November before you know and here you are retro gaming all the time... Naughty little Gnome!! Spank! Spank!

  2. Absolutely dear Deitrix. And after these six are home, I'm pretty sure those forthcoming hiive books will be ready to keep them company.

    Ah, art! So much more interesting than the fact I've done nothing for Gnomes Lair. Then again, the spanking was worth it. And I just finished writing about Haussmann's Paris in a most revolutionary manner.


  3. Paris wouldn't be Paris without him!