Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A box with a VIC-20 (and some extras) in it!

Commodore VIC-20The VIC-20 (VC-20 in Germany) by Commodore was the first computer tho sell one million units worldwide, and though it only managed to survive for five years it was home to a ton of Jeff Minter Llamasoft classics, Satoru Iwata's first conversion jobs and an astonishing selection of cartridge and tape based games. The machine came with a 6502A processor clocked at 1 MHz, 5k of RAM (well, for the basic unexpanded model), decent graphic capabilities, 4-channel sound, datasette and disk-drive interfaces, a cartridge slot and a proper keyboard complete with function keys.

For a chance at one of these lovely home-micros you could do worse than this boxed VIC-20 & extras eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide and you'll be bidding on a VIC-20 in its original box, a datasette, a game, quite a few manuals and four tapes filled with software. The average VIC-20 usualy costs something around 20$, 12£ or 14 euros.

Mind you, the VIC-20 homebrew scene is still going strong...


  1. man, this looks ancient. I bet it's heavy too.. Like my grandmas old typewriter !

  2. 5k.. My grandmas got more ram in her thighs...

    ooohhh, better watch what I say.. She could be a retro gamer. SSshhh!

  3. LOL, ROFL and the rest. Hehehe.