Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The complete Atari Lynx II experience

Atari Lynx 2 II boxed carry case gamesAtari's final attempt at a handheld console, the Atari Lynx 2, is a vastly underrated yet glorious console. It's better (though not as rare) than the original Lynx, sports stereo sound, better battery life, a fantastic colour LCD screen, a few extra touches and the same variety of impressive custom chips that put 16-bit computers to shame. Happily, you can now grab it boxed, complete in a carry case, with 9 equally boxed games, the AC adapter, car cigarette lighter power adapter, sunvisor screen protector and all them bits of documentation you might want. How? Well, by following this Atari Lynx 2 lot auction link of course. Seller ships worldwide and I would consider a price between 70-80£ (120-140$ or 90-105 euros) more than reasonable.

The games you'll be getting include some of the best Lynx carts ever released, such as the fantastic WWI warplane-sim Warbirds, the excellent brawler Ninja Gaiden, Checkered Flag and the truly impressive Toki. Find out more about the included games over at AtariAge and do try the best freeware Lynx emulator available: Handy.


  1. I am still looking for that Dracula Game for the Lynx.

    I have about 5 games for my original Lynx.

    Gauntlet is pretty fun and there is a Shmup that is pretty sweet as well.

    Lnyx games seem to be pretty rare around this area and people seem to be unwilling to sell them for a reasonable price. Plus they always want to sell them in a big lot since they can't sell the games to many people since the hardware is rare.

    Luckily there is the internet.

  2. haha I see a Dirty Harry game in there... Nice!

  3. @ Caleb: I'm pretty sure you'll have to stick to ebay. After all shipping charges, especially for games, tend to be minimal and unless I'm wrong (well, obviously) Dracula should be rather easy to find. Raiden on the other hand -by far the best Lynx shmup- is both rare and very expensive. BTW, tried Gates of Zendocon?

    @ Deitrix: Now you don't my friend. it's Dirty Larry, it is :()

  4. HAHA!! Now I see. Dirty Larry, thats funny stuff.