Friday, November 4, 2011

Stellar 7 (PC CD-ROM)

There I was browsing through the pretty amazing Dollar Madness section of (where everything costs less than a dollar), when I run into a lovely little bit of treasure: the PC-CD vesrion of Stellar 7. Oh, yes, the 1995 Sierra-published Dynamix remake of the Dynamix action classic that was an impressive re-imagining of Battlezone and one of the first sci-fi/FPS/driving/tank-sim games I truly enjoyed was there in all its CD, VGA glory. Complete with a manual in its jewel case for less than $1. Lucky for you I still own my original copy and am thus letting you know...


  1. I am a HUGE Sierra/Dynamix fan. What does the CD version add to the game? The MT-32 soundtrack is pretty dope as-is.

  2. I think the floppy version also missed the animated shorts between levels and -I do believe- the intro. Mind you, I've always loved Dynamix myself. Especially for their adventures that is, but the Stellar/Nova series is an action favourite too.