Friday, November 11, 2011


The 1998 NEC PC-FX was the catastrophically delayed successor to the PC Engine, that was supposed to be a 3D powerhouse (as a prototype), but ended up being one of the most powerful 2D consoles ever instead. It was a console that was geared towards FMV games and Japanese adventures, what with its built-in CD and all, and a console that never really stood a chance. It did still manage to get a few dozen games released for it though (some of them good too) and, well, it's definitely worth owning, if not for anything else, for its unique looks.

To grab a PC-FX for a truly modest price, do follow this NEC PC-FX link. You'll be getting the console, a controller, the AC adaptor and an AV cable. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. I've always wanted these, actually, even though it definitely was a disappointment compared to the PCE. Chip Chan Kick is a lot of fun, and a few others look interesting. Anyway, I won't be picking up this particular PC-FX, but I will get one someday :)

  2. Chip Chan Kick eh? Must admit I hadn't heard of this one before... Oh, and best of luck in grabbing one of these beauties!

  3. Hardware JPEG decompression makes for some amazing video on this box. I also LOVE the design of this thing. It supports ad-in cards. You could even get a card for your PC that is, essentially, a PC-FX-on-a-card for homebrew development. I'm willing to bet there is some really interesting, niche homebrew scene based around the PC-FX in Japan that us westerners will probably never see.

  4. That does make quite a lot of sense actually, but, well, the language barrier does indeed feel impenetrable. Still, a lovely machine, that as you mentioned was indeed a 2d/video powerhouse.

    Oh, and turning a PC into a PC-FX... Very intriguing idea.