Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Interface 1 & Microdrive

The notoriously unreliable ZX Microdrive by Sinclair was an interesting, cheap, innovative, but deeply flawed alternative to disk drives, that will nowadays make sure your Spectrum collection is complete. It does look beautiful, you see, it's quite collectible and -for a brief period- was all the rage. So, uhm, why not bid on this excellent Interface 1 & Microdrive auction? Besides the boxed Microdrive itself, you will also be getting the necessary ZX Interface 1, 4 Sinclair Microdrive cartridges, 2 Ablex Microdrive cartridges and Romantic Robot's Express Tape to Microdrive utility. Seller ships only within the UK. 


  1. I so wanted one of these but never could afford one. Had to stick with good-old-fashioned tape.

    1. Think I was too scared of the Microdrive horror stories myself. Silly me.