Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boxed Atari 520 STfm

Ah the lovely Atari ST; the first affordable 16-bit micro and an excellent all-around retro computer. And if you, just like me, care to own one you could do much worse than this Atari 520 STfm auction, you know. It's the boxed Discovery Pack - Atari ST and though not complete, it does come with the original Atari mouse, a joystick, manual, all leads & cables and an interesting selection of boxed and for the most part complete games. Said games include Nightbreed, Bonanza Bros and Bubble Bobble. Seller ships only within the UK.


  1. That is simply glorious - I do hope you can bid on it, and beat the rest of your avid readers who may try to do the same! You are safe from my US-trapped competition.

  2. On the other hand I'm not that much of a UK resident my friend... Stll, I will be getting myself an Atari ST sooner or later.