Monday, November 7, 2011

PC Engine CoreGrafx

The PC Engine might have typically been an 8-bit console, but, in reality, it was on par with the best the 16-bit era had to offer and its excellent arcade ports are all the proof you'll ever need. The 1989 PC Engine CoreGrafx is the very same essentially 16-bit console, only re-released in a shiny new case and with a modified controller. Oh, and you can buy one via this PC Engine CoreFX auction. Seller ships worldwide. The console seems to be in pretty great shape too.


  1. The diminutive form-factor of the PC-Engine is one of it's most attractive features in my opinion. It pains me to recall how they Americanized the poor little guy.

  2. It was a silly choice really. Not unlike the one regarding the size of the Lynx I'm afraid... Then again, it could be worse. We never really got the console in Europe.