Friday, November 18, 2011

Lemmings CDTV

If you own a Commodore Amiga CDTV, you really owe it to yourself to play Lemmings on it, if only to see what such a game felt like on a CD-based console and the TV screen.  Look, I've even found a Lemmings CDTV auction for you. I comes complete in its jewel case with instructions and the seller ships to Europe, Asia, United States, Australia, Canada. 


  1. So kind of you, good Gnome! And I am, as always, entirely supportive of your efforts to help people remember and experience the way these games were originally experienced - context being the better part of human experience, after all.

  2. Thank you so much dear Charlie. Your support is indeed deeply appreciated my friend.

  3. Lemmings! 1st game I ever played on the Amiga, and a brilliant game it is too. It was also ported to every system under the sun at the time, as I remember - including the humble Speccy - and rightly so. Everyone should have a chance to play against it's fiendish level design. Even the latter day PS3/PSP ports are damn good fun.

    Shame the CDTV didn't exactly take off - but you can thank CBM & their spectacular mismanagement for that. Shame, cos it had potential as a platform. Still, the CDTV discs usually play on a CD32 and/or CD-ROM equipped Amiga.

  4. You are once again correct wise Bob. Any Amiga with a CD drive can play the vast majority of CDTV titles, though I never knew the CD32 could also do this. Does make sense I suppose. Anything A500 compatible will usually run on the A1200.

    As for Lemmings, well, they are one of my favourite games ever. Loved it on anything and everything and though I haven't tried any of modern versions on Sony's hardware, I still believe the underrated Lemmings 3D to be a great game.

  5. I think there were a handful of CDTV titles that didn't play happily on the CD32 - but they were very few. Most likely due to clashes between the two different custom chipsets - but it's a similar situation with a handful of A500 titles that wouldn't work on the A1200. In that instance, you could run a useful program like Degrader to ensure compatibility.

    As for the updated versions of Lemmings - well, Gnome - I can happily report that current Sony versions are extremely good indeed - with suitable changes for the control schemes involved - nothing radical - just appropriate tweaks to make use on analog sticks and such. They're rather lovely re-workings of a classic title. Never tried Lemmings 3D though - would be interesting to see how that one plays. It does make you think though - Lemmings came out in 1991 or so and that's when I got my A500+ and both were cutting edge. That was 20 years ago!

    A thought has just occurred - now that Sony are allowing developers to release games on Playstation-suite certified Android smartphones, a touchscreen-based Lemmings would be a brilliant way to pass the time on the train. And then they could port it to the Vita as well. Who needs Angry Birds?

  6. Ah, but nobody really! Especially when Lemmings can be a plausible alternative.

    Really have to give them new/Sony Lemmings a go then. Saw a few trailers and they do look amazing...