Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Complete Amstrad CPC 6128

Not many know this (but we are about to fix this, aren't we?), but I really do love the Amstrad CPC 6128. And that's besides the sweet, sweet memories of playing with the thing over at a friends place... I do, you see, love its tiny 3" diskettes, the compact design, the proper keyboard and of course the fact that it was quite a powerful 8-bit computer that could really do multi-load stuff properly. Oh, and you can easily have a taste of quality CPC gaming on your modern computer with a little help from the excellently freeware WinAPE emulator.

Better yet, and provided you live somewhere in Britain (though there is an option for worldwide shipping apparently), you can grab this pretty amazing Amstrad CPC 6128 over at eBay. Not only will  you be getting a complete CPC 6128 with a colour monitor, but also a CPC 464, a joystick and a ton of games both on tape and disk.


  1. That is a lot of Amstrad. A fine collection for any retro gamer, and sorely under-appriciated machines.

  2. I do believe the CPC under-appreciation does stem from it being a bit late to the 8-bit party and getting far too many straight ports from the Speccy.

    Then again I do particularly love the 6128 for its disk and few but excellent 128k exclusives.

  3. I don't have a very impressive gaming history, having missed out on many of the classic machines, but the CPC 6128 was my very first computer and I love it still.

    Unfortunately we wore ours out when I was but a child and i'm still on the look out to snap one up. This auction comes just at the wrong time for me what with Christmas coming up though. Still, i'm very pleased to hear you're a fellow fan Gnome=)

  4. Ah, yes, quite the fan my friend. I've even bought a 6128 as a present, but never really owned one. It's the shipping costs that are usually killing me, but I know I will eventually manage.

    A fanastic and fast-loading machine!