Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Enterprise Computer

Intelligent Systems, mostly a developer of chess computers and programs, released the incredibly ambitious Enterprise 8-bit computer back in 1985. And though its 256-colours, 672x512 graphics were indeed impressive, as were the machine's Spectrum compatibility, cartridge port and built-in joystick, the micro flopped. It was after all facing both them established 8-bits and the shiny new 16-bit computers. It is thus nowadays quite a rarity. You can find out more about the Enterprise over at Wikipedia, Alive, Enterprise Forever and binary dinosaurs.

You can grab one of 128k versions of these unique 8-bit micros via this Enterprise 128 auction. The computer is in full working order, seems to be in great aesthetic condition and comes with a BASIC cartridge and everything you'll need to get it running. Seller ships only within the UK, though pleading could indeed do wonders. Or, well, so I hope.

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