Monday, October 22, 2007

eBay Rampage: Sega MegaDrive

The eBay Rampage, the latest (still underdeveloped) idea to hit Retro Treasures and something you're looking at right now, will hopefully turn into a regular feature of the blog, providing you with collections of usually thematic links from eBay. Expect at least one update (complete with small evolutionary step) to the series per week. Now, on to our latest 16-bit Sega MegaDrive discoveries.

YES! A rare Sega Multi-Mega with games. Worldwide, ends 26 Oct. 2007.

The Death and Return of Superman, and it's as rare as it sounds (uhh, very). Europe only, ends 23 Oct. 2007.

Sega MegaDrive Sonic Pack & 4 extra games. Worldwide, ends 27 Oct. 2007.

Sega MD II & Sega CD II with 10 games. UK only, ends 24 Oct. 2007.

25 boxed MD games. UK only, ends 30 Oct. 2007.

Streets of Rage 2. Europe & Australia, ends 26 Oct. 2007.


  1. I have only played the Sega Genesis, never the MegaDrive.


    MULTI MEGA!!!!! That would be SO friggen cool to get one of those.

    I have my old Genesis 1 hooked up to the Sega CD nowadays which means I gotta hook up a Stereo wire from the front to the back to get stereo audio. I am still not quite sure how to do it the best way...I have no clue what the audio ports in the back of the Sega CD are for. I know the mixing port gets plugged into the Stereo port of the Genny 1. So WHAT are the audio ports on the Sega CD for???

    It would be so much simpler to plug the damn thing in and play.

    The only reason I have the Genny 1 hooked up to the Sega CD is because it came that way and it looks cool 'cause it's so bulky. Maybe I should just break down and hook up my Genesis 2 and have stereo sound with no fuss.

    Awesome collection of ebay stuff from Sega!


  2. (gives Caleb nice sleeping tablets, complete with star engraving)


    No? Oh!

    Anyway,glad you liked the collection and may you discover the point of the dreaded audio ports...

  3. The audio ports on the sega cd are to hook up your sega cd to your stereo. i have mine hooked up and get incredible sound from my stereo system :)

  4. A lovely little console, innit?

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