Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This is probably the oddest thing I've found on ebay regarding videogames. According to the description this is a 6-in-1 console, being able to play games for the Genesis, TurboGraphx 16, Sega Cd and more. Odd? A lot, so you better check out the respective auction. Who knows, maybe someone out there has $500 to spend on this monster.


  1. A first post to blow us all away Nebachadnezzar. Amazing and I frankly never knew such a (bulky) beauty ever existed.

  2. I was waiting for an oddity like this to make my first post =D

  3. A wise move my friend... Now, why don't you get an eBay affiliation?

  4. Holy crap! What a cool machine!

    Can it play CD-I games I wonder? No I guess not.

    Plus it comes with a Tenchi-Muyoryo Ohki 10 and 11 (2) lazer disk!

    Wow. There were so many cool devices like this that came out in the 1990's. I just saw a TV in a pawn shop that had a built in NES!

    I hope the gaming companies of today realize that they could be making cool stuff like this and not just cheap plug and play emulators...

    ...not that all cheap plug and play emulators are totally bad. It just be cool if a company could produce something like this that would play higher gen games on actual hardware.

  5. No dear Caleb it unfortunately can't play CD-i games, which despite what you may have heard are quite good. Yes, even the infamous Zelda and MArio ones are supposed to be great...

    A NES built-in a TV? Wow. Hope you photographed the thig, right?

    Oh, here, and let me sign your retro gaming petition for proper hardware.