Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lovely and pretty rare Amiga 1500 bundle

The Amiga 1500, released only in the UK in 1990, is one of the rarer Commodore Amiga models and one that originally sold for £999. The machine was in essence an Amiga 2000 without a hard-drive but with an extra floppy disk drive, a version 6.2 motherboard and an updated Kickstart. The Amiga 1500 is obviously A500 compatible, meaning hundreds of top quality games can be enjoyed, and comes with 1MB of RAM. More info on this obscure model can be found over at, Amiga History and Lemon Amiga.

What's more, an impressive Amiga 1500 bundle has shown up at eBay. The computer comes complete with monitor, manuals, mouse, printer, joystick, wacky stuff like an ultra rare Amiga Tutorial VHS tape, books, tons of disks and a ich selection of boxed games including Civilization, Shadow of the Beast II, Sim City and Final Fight. Grab this Amiga 1500 lot only @ eBay. Seller ships to UK only.

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