Saturday, October 20, 2007

Atari Jaguar CD & Games

The Atari Jaguar CD, just like the Sega CD before it, was more than a CD add-on. It featured a variety of custom chips, extra memory, Jeff Minter firmware and managed to bolster the already doomed Jaguar's hardware specs. What's more, now that that the Jag's encryption codes have entered the public domain and cds are cheaper than hankies, the Jaguar CD is where the vibrant Jaguar homebrew scene is working its wonders and an essential accessory for Atari gamers.

Problem is the Jag CD, being almost a rarity, usually commands respectable eBay prices, sometimes even over 60£/85 euros. This boxed Jaguar CD & games auction, on the other hand, might just be a more reasonable bargain. The console on sale comes in its original box with complete instructions etc and you'll also get 2 demo cds and the Blue Lightning game. Seller only ships to Europe.

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