Monday, October 1, 2007

Dreamcast Zip Drive

Perhaps the rarest Dreamcast peripheral ever is currently on sale over at eBay in the good ol' US of A. The Dreamcast Zip Drive is a one off prototype, which unfortunately never reached mass production.

The description on the item's sale page goes like this...

"The Zip Drive extension box was designed for the Sega Dreamcast. There is a physical connection that joins the setup game console with the extension box. This was the only prototype in the world. It never made it to manufacturing since Sega had cancelled their hardware gaming console business plans The original purpose of the extension box was to save game scores to the Zip media and load additional players characters into the Dreamcast games. This is a rare collectible item for the serious gamer connoisseur."

But at US $1,631.02, (at the time of writing) and still not having met it's reserve price, if you want it (like I do) you'd better dig deep into those pockets...

Seller ships to the US only, so you'll also have to live on that side of the pond...
(Thanks to Nick944 of the Planet Dreamcast Forum for discovering this piece of Dreamcast history!)


  1. An unbelievable find Father and the first ever prototype to hit Retro Treasures. I humbly congratulate your Greatness!


  2. *FK bows back*

    Why thank you Gnome...

  3. Oh no, no, thank you Father...

    (bows back)