Friday, July 1, 2011

But is this a Spectrum?

I've never seen something like this before, but apparently its seller believes it to be some sort of heavily modded ZX Spectrum and claims it's rare, which frankly does make sense. It apparently comes with built-in on/off and reset switches, a proper keyboard and an Interface 1. You can see more piccies and bid on the thing here. Seller only ships within Europe. 


  1. Hi,

    It is the DK'Tronics Keyboard, which you can put inside a Spectrum (16/48K), interface 1 and the power unit.
    This model looks a bit changed from original.

  2. Amazing. You are indeed most correct. Thanks a ton for the tip and the enlightenment.

  3. Speccy truly needs a proper keyboard and a switch!

  4. Bah, nothing beats the glory of the Spectrum + :

  5. £45 when new, those things, according to World of Spectrum. Apparently, you removed the motherboard from the Speccy and placed it in the new case. The Keyboard is a proper, fully functional keyboard, rather than have hard plastic keys pressing down on the original rubber 'dead flesh' keyboard which a lot of similar units used.

    Although it did apparently cause some problems with the Interface 1, as the back of the DK'Tronics unit sloped away quite a lot, making it difficult to add anything to the expansion slot without first taking a hacksaw to the back of the replacement keyboard.

    Definitely lacks the retro charm of the original though...

  6. Highly enlightening this comment Bob. Thanks a ton. Also, I'll have to agree; novelty value aside this Speccy just doesn't look beautiful.