Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Complete NEC Turbo Duo Collection

10,000$ is a lot of money, but -frankly- if I had it I might just spend it to grab this pretty amazing NEC Turbo Duo collection. Then again, I don't believe I'd find the room necessary to store the stuff, so I guess only the rich in money and space should apply for one mint, boxed Turbo Duo System, three complete and excellently  preserved unboxed ones, both Diving Board and Arcade cards, 129 US games and an almost complete import library. That's a lot of HuCards and Super-CDs you know. Seller ships only within the US. 

Among the dozens of included games you'll find such gems and rarities as R-Type, Turrican, Alien Crush, Bomberman, Bonk's Adventure, SimEarth, Loom, Y's III, Last Alert, Garou Densetsou Special, Might and Magic III and Aero Blasters.


  1. I *think* this is a bit overpriced, personally. The US releases generally have horrific box-art too.

  2. You might indeed be correct dear Anonymous, though I'd only call the bundle slightly overpriced :)