Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sega Game Gear White

The Sega Game Gear White, an apparently white version of Sega's 8-bit handheld, was only released in Japan and is a highly collectible rarity. Even more so when it comes in good condition, in its original box (essentially a Game Gear carrying case) and complete with a white GG TV-Tuner. You can bid on the Game Gear White on eBay and expect to pay quite a bit. Seller ships worldwide.


  1. The only (well, as if it were a minor thing...) terrible flaw of that great portable is the screen... being a Master System lover, I can't help but love GG too, even if I can't forgive Sega for making impossible a screen replacement.
    That being said, that white look is really cute - maybe TOO cute, given the badass look of Sega consoles and games back then.
    Oh, well, I couldn't afford it anyway :)

  2. See how simple things are for us Mediterraneans dear Mik? Not affording stuff solves a lot of aesthetic problems. Still, owning one would be lovely...

  3. Hey,
    Congrats for the blog. Very interested!
    hope you don't mind I have used one of your pics in my new blog,

  4. Thank you very much Lemon; your kind words are deeply appreciated.

    Oh, and that's a fantastic set of pictures too!