Wednesday, July 13, 2011

90 Games for the ZX Spectrum

What you see above is part of the games you'll be grabbing if you decide to buy one of these perfectly priced ZX Spectrum Games Collections off of eBay. The seller, who in a wise move is shipping worldwide, is including 90 games, among which you'll find such gems and relative rarities as Nodes of Yesod, Xenon, Elevator Action, Barbarian, Rescue on Fractalus, Ghostbuster II and Heavy on the Magick. Most games are pretty much new too mind. 


  1. There are some choice Speccy games in there. But I'd keep Ghostbusters II in it's box. Horrible multiload game with horrible controls where you died in seconds on the first level and when you'd used up your three lives, you had to load the whole thing again. Just nasty.

  2. You are of course right, but I do remember loving Ghostbusters II as a kid. Never did much and some of the scened were beyond horrible, but the power of marketing was too much for my fragile little mind :)