Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two hardcopies of Vectrex source code

Now, that's an interesting rarity: a pair of binders with the original, printed source code for two Vectrex programs. It's the code for the internal "executive" ROM and the built-in -and rather excellent- game Minestorm. That's almost 200 pages of code, that is, and both collectors and homebrew Vectrex programmers should love it. To bid, do try this not particularly cheap Vectrex Source Code auction. Seller ships worldwide. 


  1. That's interesting.
    Handy that its in hard copy form for if one day there are no working Vectrex's left and we will only have emulators. That will be a very sad day though.

  2. Almost tragic really, though I'm pretty sure the collecting community will be there to shield gaming history.