Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Die Hard Trilogy (Sega Saturn)

The Die Hard Trilogy, a 1996 Probe offering, was one of the first truly successful, properly entertaining, modern movie adaptations for consoles. It featured three distinct game-styles (3rd person shooter, on-rails shooter, GTA-like driving bits) and was generally very well received. Apparently the thing seems to have also achieved some sort of cult status. Anyway. What matters is the fact that you can now grab a most decently priced copy of Die Hard Trilogy (for the Japanese Saturn) via Play Asia.    


  1. I used to love it while I was a kid, since back then it was simply the best a modern console could offer - and since I loved the movies and all three games were quite funny, of course. When I began to retrieve my old games, I managed to find a Saturn copy but somehow it feels a little worst than its PSX counterpart. Then, a friend of mine settled things giving me a copy of the PSX version for my last birthday.

  2. Truth be said both the Saturn and PC versions of Die Hard Trilogy were not as good as the PSX offering. The PlayStation was apparently -and for a brief period- the best 3D hardware around.