Monday, May 30, 2011

Codemasters CD Games Pack

When the Codemasters CD Games Pack was released back in 1989 it sounded too impressive to be true. I mean, it was the era of amazingly expensive CD-ROM drives, and here was a company telling us that a simple audio CD and an already aged 8-bit computer were all that was needed to enter the age of CD-based gaming. Shockingly it was telling the truth, though that truth was less impressive than it sounded. The CD Games Pack, you see, came with a cable and software that let you actually connect a CD drive to your 8-bit micro, allowing you to play one of the 30 -standard- games available on disc. They loaded better and faster than your average tape-based game, and the novelty was impressive, but truth be said the thing's price was a bit over the top for a mere collection.

You can find out more about the CD Games Pack here and see a most insightful video here. Oh, and you can grab a gloriously boxed and rather rare Codemasters CD Games Pack for the ZX Spectrum via eBay. It contains the CD with 30 games, the CD-cable, a headphone adaptor, a manual and the neccessary software tape. Seller only ships within Europe.

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