Friday, June 1, 2007

Sensible Soccer Atari ST

Things couldn't be simpler. Here you'll find for a boxed copy of the best footie game ever created, in its relatively less known Atari ST version (actually, you'll find an auction thereof, really). Seller ships worldwide, and if you must absolutely know you won't be getting the first Sensible Soccer, but rather its first (minor) update Sensible Soccer European Champions.

Find out more about the legendary game by reading an excellent PC Zone retro feature. PES, bah!


  1. I actually have sensible soccer for the Game Gear. It's like watching a herd of fleas running around on a postage stamp. :)

  2. ..takes some licking then... lol. some licki....

    cough... sensible post

  3. Elderely, please stop licking this retro piece of cardboard. Thank you.

    GG Sensi? Doesn't sound like much really... way to small a screen. Ever tried the real thing Father?

  4. sorry mr.Gnome.... missed dinner....

    (stomach rumbles....) oops!...

  5. Here, just prepared my ragout!

  6. (wolfs down ragout.....)

    aaahhhhhh that was fine....

    that was the ragout in the brown terrine dish? wasn't it....? I hope....

  7. Yes, yes, no worries... Eat away...