Sunday, June 24, 2007

Complete Amiga Wing Commander

For a rare chance to play the game that established the PC as a gaming machine on the Amiga, better give this Wing Commander (A500) auction a try. You'll be bidding for the complete box with all the manuals and those lovely star fighter blueprints. Seller ships worldwide. Kilrathi still need to be shot down.


  1. Oh snap son!

    I got the CD version will all that for my old 386!

    I loved the whole "Tiger Marks" manual and blueprints. They were so damn cool.

    They really knew how to make game packaging cool back then...

    ...nowadays you are lucky to find a decent map...and not even a cloth map...

  2. sniff!.... never played it.... couldn't afford it... then... haven't got an amiga now.... sniff!

    (heads off to sulk in the corner....)

  3. Caleb, I never trully owned the PC version, but I remebering borrowing the complete box for a couple of months from a friend and discovering a game nirvana... The box, with all it's Rapier bluerints and so was definitely a part of the whole experience...

    (pats Elderly on the back)

    (brings Helga the Swede to pat Elderly onthe back)

    (Helga's twin sister joins the patting)


  4. Yeah I beat the hell outta that game.

    I got really good since I wanted to see all the "good" cutscenes, when you were winning.

    I destroyed each and every prize ace the kilrathi threw at me.

    Then I beat the hell out of the kilrathi ship that was in the corn field in in Ultima 7. (not really but I imagined I did)

    Now THATS total pwnage.

  5. Quite an Ultima imagination you got there Caleb... But, really, them WC cut-scenes were -actually still are- just amazing. And the pleasure of getting newer ships.... Ahh, the days, the days...

    BTW, you must have been quite the master of WC. Probably got one of them fanvy analog joysticks too..

  6. (a big smile on the elderlies face.....)

    ..admirable find Gnome.... admirable...lovely family....

  7. Oh, yes, highly civilized too...

  8. If I remember right I think I just used the keyboard...

    Or a crappy 3rd party joystick.

    I might have tried using the mouse too.

    But not an analog. I think the first time I got analog was when i bought my Dreamcast second hand in 2002.

    Anyways WC was one of the first video games I ever really played since it came bundled with the CD Rom when my parents bought the 386 which was my first computer.

    Then there was "black ops" which I downloaded for free. That was pretty damn cool.

  9. Ahhh, the days...

    Still, you had a modem, a 386 and a CD-Rom and no analog joystick? Now, that's weird. They used to cost something like 5$...

  10. ...had to send the sisters home... too civilised...

  11. Drat! Who'd have thought... They ony seemed slightly civilized you know...

  12. ...perhaps i've been too hasty... (runs out door after the sisters.....)

  13. Ahhh, you would have been such a benevolent and understanding ruler...

  14. ...and a dungeon, id have had a dungeon....(lost in reverie)

  15. I'll bring the beasties and the porny porns...