Friday, June 1, 2007

'New' Boxed Up Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit (Blue)

£2.75... What can that get you these days? A Big Mac? Half an hour's parking in a sprawling urban metropolis? A pack of ten cigarettes? A pint? Well all of those things will ultimately do you in...

So it's refreshing to know that you can also buy a pristeen limited edition blue Dreamcast VMU, which will not only save your games, but also allow you to play mini games, as it's a handheld gaming system in it's own right!

Want to know why you should own a Dreamcast? Look here... Want to know why you should own a VMU? Look here... Want to buy this lovely blue edition? Buy here....


  1. Nice!

    I have two of the blue VMU's but they are not new and are missing their caps...

    I recently had to pay $4.00 for a used green VMU, but it had the cap.

    Oh I gots to grab some "in box" Dreamcast stuff before it's all gone!!!!!

    I STILL kick myself for not getting new stuff when it was in stores...ARGH!!!

    Good find!

  2. $4 how could you go wrong... astounding value....