Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sega Game Gear, TV Adaptor and Games

The Game Gear, a triumph of the Nineties hand held scene, looked like a bloated elderly PSP.

It actually was a Master System/Megadrive in miniature.

As well as having an adaptor which allowed the owner to play his back catalogue of Master System games, it also had a TV peripheral which turned it into the smallest colour portable TV of its time...

Sadly, it could never compete with the technologically inferior, but stylistically superior Nintendo Gameboy. Once again, the amphetamine fuelled blue rodent was shafted by two mushroom eating Italian plumbers.

Thus the Game Gear was toted up as yet another contribution to Sega's downfall from console production. Still! Its a retro treasure that I hold dear. You could buy the rather nice collection showcased above for the Buy Now Price of £32 here. Or you could shop around and get yourself an altogether cheaper set. But get one you must. No retro collection is complete with out it!


  1. Excellent value, excellent value... Batman Returns was much better on the Lynx though ;)

  2. I used to have the original box and everything for my Game gear -first video game system i ever owned...

    ...Mum threw 'em out though.

  3. someone mentioned amphetamine...?

  4. Think you just did there...

  5. i did...? i knew someone mentioned it... thank god the hearings not going yet...