Thursday, June 7, 2007

Private Collection of Nintendo Consoles and Games

A lifetimes collection of consoles, games, and accesories attracting over 30 bids in its first two days on ebay. This extraordinary auction lot offers a rare opportunity to contract Retroitis. Seller living in US, Ships Worldwide.

3 Original Nintendo Systems
2 Super Nintendo Systems
1 Nintendo 64
60 Original Nintendo Games
22 Super Nintendo Games
5 Nintendo 64 Games
9 Sega Genesis Games in Box
1 Gameboy Game (Tetris)
Misc Acc's including controllers, power adapter, RF Cords, Multiway splitters,
Stuffed Characters, Link keychain, Misc Cards, Books, Cases.

Treat yourself, and take a look , only on ebay


  1. A most impressive and extremely well priced collection, if I may say so dear learned colleague... But what's a gnome to do with 3 NESs?

  2. ..erm well.. am... pressies? bookends?

  3. (always a few bricks short of a wall, elderly replies)

    dahhhhh hair curlers?

  4. Provided one has really lots of hair, can't see why not...

  5. ...oh right I see you point... damn i need a personal assistant all this mental work is just wearing me out....

    (sits down and snoozes...)