Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to spot a Sierra Slash Release

Apparently not all Sierra adventure game boxes were created equal. Some were discount packages marketed by a certain company named Slash that, according to the brilliant Vintage-Sierra online museum, "got the rights to distribute many of the old Sierra, LucasArts, Infocom, etc games in the late 1990s. The releases are not original, everything was made from second-rate materials (sometimes even photocopies) packaged up and sold at dollar stores, Wallmarts, and various grocery stores".

Problem is some of these Slash releases make it to ebay and other online auction/retro sites posing as proper -shrink wrapped even- Sierra games, which, quite frankly, they are not. They only feature photocopies of the original manuals, are made out of cheaply made materials and lack many of the extras one would expect from a classic Sierra box. To find out how to spot them, well, do read this excellent Slash Releases Demystified guide.

Also, do have a look at these Two Riddles for Sierra Collectors.


  1. Yeah but it would still be the the original GAME though?

    I mean if I happened to find a copy of a lucas arts games I could play on my Dreamcast I wouldn't care too much about the box and manual... I would care about the quality of the disk or CD.

  2. Oh, yes, it would definitely be the original game. It's just an ultra-budget version some people try to pass off as a substantially more expensive original.

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  4. And btw Americans the collection version of "King's Quest" and "Space Quest" has gone on sale in EB games and Gamestop.

    $9.99 for the BIG Box collections.



  5. Ahhh...

    The only thing I think I really "collect" is Dreamcast stuff. (Latest: Mr. Digger still factory sealed for $15 Amercian)

    And of course you wil almost NEVER find some of the stuff you guys give links to. I mean shit dude. the jaguar? I have NEVER seen that in my area. EVER. And I have been shopping around for YEARS. So thank gods for retro treasures.

    Some of the actual disks (sans boxes)be found in a somewhat easy fashion from pawn shops, resale shops, consigment shops and the salvation army.

    However you are never sure of it.

    The last thing I tried to collect was Doom 2 and that came with an arrange ment of random stuff...none of which was the damn disk.

  6. Glad you enjoy the blog Caleb... you know you could be part of it too if you wanted... Anyway...

    A word of warning. DO NOT BUY THE LATEST SIERRA ADVENTURE COLLECTIONS... they're a bloody rip off. Shitty as hell. Not even the manuals are included, nothing special (as say in the earlier collection boxes) and everything runs on dosbox... Avoid Caleb, avoid...

    Oh, and .. Cheers!

  7. jeez you've been busy... (note taken on latest sierra collections...)

  8. ..well ya gotta live large every now and then.... (licks lead pencil....) now where were we....

  9. herding the web traffic it was, I believe...

  10. But the info about the "Sierra" shrink-wrap in the linked guide isn't correct, as is shown here:


  11. Thank you so much for the info Anonymous!