Sunday, June 3, 2007

Commodore 64 Night Moves Pack

Commodore 64, the most popular computer ever produced and the machine that prepared mankind for the glory of the Amiga, is one of those rare 8-bit (mostly) gaming machines that have aged really well. Yes, better than the NES. To fully understand what the fuss was -and still is- all about, see the impressive graphical capabilities of the thing and listen to the music played through the famous SID chip all you have to do is get yourselves one or ...uh... try an emulator.

Should you go for the buying option and provided you are a UK resident, is offering a pretty rare chance to get a boxed Night Moves C64 Pack in its original packaging, along with two more games collections: Mind Benders & The Beau-Jolly Big Box 30 Mega Games. So, all in all, that's a Commodore 64, a joystick, a tape deck and 38 games including Midnight Resistance, Aliens, Sly Spy, Night Breed, Ghostbusters and Super Hang On.


  1. 't was about time.. Ask the janitor...

  2. shloooryyy opps.. whonche i schtart ish hard to shtop...

    (cleasn as he goes....)

  3. Oh my sweet Jesus. I had this when I was 12.