Monday, June 11, 2007

Final Fantasy NES original

The game that in 1987, single handedly reversed Square's lagging fortunes and became their flagship franchise. Square designer Hironobu Sakaguchi had plans to retire after the completion of the project, and so the game was named Final Fantasy.

Now a rare opportunity to own and 1990 release of the NES game that started it all. The game has been cleaned, tested, and is guaranteed to work or your money back. Comes complete 80 Page Color Booklet and Black Nintendo Case!

with a current bid of only 99 cents how could you possible go wrong....

Own this Retro Classic, only on

And if you rather not, perhaps some music from the game in mid format?


cup of tea then perhaps?

what no NES system?... why didn't you say? take a look Here!!!!


  1. That's definitely a rarity I crave... Fantastic find Mr. Elderly!

  2. (blushs....) thanks Gnome... it was just sitting there..... alone.. unloved... motionless.... (fixes link....) now thats' better...

  3. Way better... what a difference an "h" made...

  4. yup... w o would ave t ough t....